Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Video from The Haunted House in Hanover, Pennsylvania

DeAnna Simpson is a homeowner featured on a new TV show called "The Dead Files" on the Travel Channel (the link is to actual segments from the show specifically about the Hanover, PA haunting).

Tall Man Ghost Demon Hanover PA

While the show's investigation does shed some terrible light on tragedies that have occurred on or near the property, including an unsolved and brutal 1878 murder of Cristiana Herman whose body was found on the property line; it is actually a local news story and video that really makes this 'ghost story' compelling.

WPMT-TV's segment (video below) is really unique in the world of Ghost Video News as not only did Katie Kyros seem visibly shaken by what appears to be video evidence confirming some of the homeowner's statements, but her camera man, Nick Petrillo, seemed to be scratched by a phantom in a way that was not at all surprising to Mrs Simpson.

Katie Kyros in the Haunted House, Hanover PA

The ghost video segment below shows a door shutting almost on command, 'orbs' showing up in a stairwell on cell phone video, an unexplained black shadow showing up in cell phone video, the 'burning' or scratch that their cameraman appears to suffer during an interview, and a follow up with Nick in front of the camera to talk about his experiences:

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