Friday, January 24, 2014

Satan's Tactic of Possessing the Exorcist is Working.

Germantown, Maryland
In what can hardly be considered unpredictable trickery, Satan has convinced a number of people that they are exorcists and in some cases has engendered such pride and boastfulness that self-appointed nicknames have appeared such as "Demon Assassin".

In the most recent case, Zakieya Avery and Monifa Sanford who had, prior to the exorcism, been described as meek, affectionate, and nurturing, found themselves as the Commander and Sargeant in a "Demon Assassin" squad where they witnessed their own childrens' eyes turn black and the demon jumped from person to person as Avery armed herself with a knife and ultimately killed her two year old daughter, injured her two other children, and even attacked her fellow exorcist.

These cases are hardly new and surely not unheard of in the aspiring exorcist community; with deadly exorcisms making headlines globally and consistently, anyone who feels mysteriously driven to embrace and explore their feeling of a 'calling' into the role of exorcist should be extremely wary but it's often too late - In the most recent case a family without a construct to define a possession, simply described their fallen family member turned exorcist as having 'been in a zone' or 'not themselves'...

The images below are just a few of the recent Exorcists either arrested during the attempt or found guilty of murder.

Sachiko Eto, Japan - Sentenced to hang. Murder by exorcism?

Bryan Adams, Florida - Arrested and "tuned up" during an attempted exorcism.

Jesseca Bain Carson, Texas -  serving life in Prison. Murder by exorcism?

Assume now that there is no such thing as Satan or "The Devil" and exorcisms are quite possibly just an odd effect of one person believing they're possessed and another person believing they can un-possess them and both getting stranger and more aggressive in the process.  While these two might seem to zero-out, risk-free, almost like two people being hypnotized at the same time, the addition of fear or terror can change things very quickly...

Even a professional may be tempted to use force. The photo and video below are from a real exorcism where a professional exorcist even states "if you want pain, I will give you pain" while a number of family members hold her down.

In the video below of a real exorcism you can see the escalation of energy and physical force used in a somewhat nonviolent exorcism. Should a non professional find themselves in this situation, or a more violent one, and begin to feel that they are losing the battle despite their original confidence and faith, then the Devil will "win" as the exorcist begins to do his work for him and take the life of the one they intended to help...

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